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  • Sepia June 1963 cover_EUSA_Thumbnail

    People Who Make the World Go ‘Round: The Legacy of Sepia Magazine

    Charting the legacy of Sepia magazine, the exhibition highlights the role of photo-based magazines, changes in printing technology, and how the political landscape shaped Black-interest photojournalism while emphasizing Sepia’s distinct style and audience in contrast to Ebony and LIFE.
    • Family Friendly History Humanities Intergenerational Photography Popular Culture Printmaking Social Justice Sports
    • 7 Weeks
  • The Legend of Kente

    “The Legend of Kente” features over 50 kente weavings, 4 garments, and detailed interpretive materials that explore the histories, meanings, and stories depicted by the extraordinary master weavers of present-day Ghana.
    • Craft Family Friendly History Humanities Intergenerational Popular Culture Textile Arts/Fiber Arts
    • MediumPremium
    • 7 Weeks
  • Thumbnail_Alice in Wonderland, Drink Me

    Finding Alice: Artists Exploring Wonderland featuring Abelardo Morell

    This exhibition is a wondrous collection of artists’ visual interpretations of Alice’s adventures that will be of intergenerational interest to art lovers as well as those intrigued with the wit and imagination of the stories.
    • Family Friendly Fine Art Illustration Intergenerational Literature Photography Popular Culture
    • Medium
    • 7 Weeks
  • 01. Amato_Angeliki THUMBNAIL

    Food for Thought: Artists Exploring Foodways

    The intersection of food and culture is a winning recipe in this exhibition that includes the work of 15 artists and collaborators. Like a lively dinner conversation, “Food for Thought” is centered around food, but expands into larger themes of labor, family, nature, and society.
    • Intergenerational Photography Popular Culture Video and Film
    • Medium
    • 7 Weeks
  • THUMBNAIL 08. RS139_REF_7302_Fnt_DD_001 copy

    The Perfect Shot: Walter Iooss Jr., and the Art of Sports Photography

    Over his long career, photographer Walter Iooss Jr. had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest athletes of the past sixty years, capturing on film carefully crafted moments of triumph and disappointment—universal emotions that athletes and non-athletes alike know so well.
    • History Photography Popular Culture Sports
    • Medium
    • 7 Weeks
  • Backstage Hollywood: The Photographs of Bob Willoughby

    Venture backstage into the golden age of Hollywood in this exhibition that explores the photography of Bob Willoughby.
    • History Photography Popular Culture Video and Film
    • Medium
    • 7 Weeks
  • Hemingway_Ralston_Paris sketches SQ

    Hemingway in Comics

    This ExhibitsUSA exhibition will explore legendary American author Ernest Hemingway as a person, an artist, and a pop culture icon through the lens of comics.
    • Bilingual/Spanish History Humanities Illustration Popular Culture
    • Medium
    • 7 Weeks
  • 4thGradeLuciaSQ

    The Fourth Grade Project

    In the past decade, acclaimed artist Judy Gelles interviewed and photographed more than 300 fourth-grade students from a wide range of economic and cultural backgrounds in China, England, India, Israel, Italy, Nicaragua, St. Lucia, South Africa, Dubai, South Korea, and multiple areas of the United States. She asked all of the students the same three questions: Who do you live with? What do you wish for? What do you worry about? Their varied stories touch on the human condition and urgent social issues.
    • Family Friendly Humanities Intergenerational Photography Popular Culture
    • Medium
    • 7 Weeks
  • ThriftSQ2

    Thrift Style

    Thrift Style explores the reuse of feed sacks to make clothing and other household objects and illuminates how the “upcycling” of these bags mutually benefitted twentieth-century consumers and businesses. With forty-one works from patterns to garments, it serves as an example of past ingenuity that can inform today’s efforts towards sustainability.
    • Design History Humanities Intergenerational Popular Culture Textile Arts/Fiber Arts
    • Low
    • 5 Weeks

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