Request for Proposals

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ExhibitsUSA is a dynamic, national traveling exhibition program that produces exhibitions on widely diverse subjects, combining the highest aesthetic standards with engaging and accessible presentations. With a rotating catalog of over 30 exhibitions, EUSA reflects M-AAA’s commitment to cultural diversity and community engagement through meaningful art experiences. We work with large and small museums, university galleries, private collectors, independent curators, and artists throughout the world to create exhibitions that are relevant to the needs and interests of our constituents.

We accept proposals on a rolling basis for art exhibitions of existing work that can tour nationally. We are particularly interested in small to mid-sized exhibitions (approximately 2,000 square feet or 250 linear feet and under) with low security and limited environmental requirements that can travel via common carrier or van line (although other proposals will be considered).

Proposals should be clearly written and must include the information outlined below:

  • A one-page curatorial statement outlining the exhibition idea, as well as the type and number of works to be featured.
  • A preliminary checklist of 10 to 15 sample works with images and proposed sources. You may provide a link to these images online or submit via email (limited to 7 MB).
  • Generally, artists should not submit a proposal that features only their own work without first contacting our team to discuss further.
  • Work must already be in existence and available to tour.
  • Work must be in good condition and stable enough to tour for at least three years.
  • Work may not be sold during the duration of the tour

Once a topic and body of artwork is proposed as a potential exhibition, Mid-America Arts Alliance (M-AAA) conducts an internal review of the materials based on the following criteria:

  • Project Quality (Quality of content: objects and checklist; strength of exhibition concept; and qualifications of organizing institution, exhibition curator, and essayist)
  • Market Viability (Number of potential audiences, community appeal, education and interpretation opportunities, cost, competing exhibitions)
  • Project Logistics (Size of exhibition, installation and shipping logistics, loan care requirements, capabilities of organizing institution and exhibition curator)
  • ExhibitsUSA Needs (Ability to meet EUSA’s mission of offering abroad range of arts exhibitions, the current and recent EUSA roster, success of marketing phase, past successes)

If a proposal is selected as a potential exhibition, we then work with subject experts and guest curators to strengthen the initial idea and finalize the checklist; develop strategies for interpretation; define the appropriate tour length, shipping and security requirements, insurance values, loan agreements, organizer and/or guest curator fees, copyright usage fees, and other line item expenditures such as printing, framing, and crating. Each of these items allow us to develop an overall budget for the project, which then informs the ‘exhibition rental fee,’ which exhibitors will pay to host the exhibition.

Once this information is collected, and marketing images (with rights to reproduce) are obtained, the exhibition moves into a marketing phase that spans up to 16 months. It is not until a required number of bookings and/or holds are made that we are able to release funds and begin actual development. The entire process—from proposal delivery to launch of tour—generally lasts three years or more.

Proposals and questions should be sent to:

  • proposals (at)


  • M-AAA, c/o EUSA Proposals, 2018 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, MO 64108