Would you like to find out more about booking an exhibition or do you have a question about a past exhibition?

Contact us at MoreArt (at) or 800-473-3872, ext. 209.

Exhibitions Staff

Kelly John Clark
800-473-3872, ext. 224
kelly (at)

Kathy Dowell
Director, Arts and Humanities Programming
800-473-3872, ext. 220
kathy (at)

Jessica Heikes
Chief Preparator
800-473-3872, ext. 237
jessica (at)

Kaitlyn B. Jones
Curatorial and Administrative Assistant
(816) 800-0926, Ext. 208
kaitlyn (at)

Art McSweeney
Fabrication and Preparation Manager
800-473-3872, ext. 211
art (at)

Catherina (Cat) Mueller
Curator of Education
(816) 800-0906, Ext. 210
cat (at)

Amanda Wiltse
Exhibition Tours Manager
800-473-3872, ext. 209
amanda (at)