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Traveling Exhibitions

  • BioSQ

    Nature’s Blueprints: Biomimicry in Art and Design

    The traveling exhibition Nature’s Blueprints: Biomimicry in Art and Design brings together art and design with environmental science using both scientific and artistic objects, as well as interactive learning stations. The exhibition is an adaptation of the High Desert Museum’s Innovation Lab: Design Inspired by Nature.
    • Design Family Friendly Multimedia Science & Ecology
    • Premium
    • 7 Weeks
  • ThriftSQ2

    Thrift Style

    Thrift Style explores the reuse of feed sacks to make clothing and other household objects and illuminates how the “upcycling” of these bags mutually benefitted twentieth-century consumers and businesses. With forty-one works from patterns to garments, it serves as an example of past ingenuity that can inform today’s efforts towards sustainability.
    • Design History Humanities Intergenerational Popular Culture Textile Arts/Fiber Arts
    • Low
    • 5 Weeks

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