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  • Sepia June 1963 cover_EUSA_Thumbnail

    People Who Make the World Go ‘Round: The Legacy of Sepia Magazine

    Charting the legacy of Sepia magazine, the exhibition highlights the role of photo-based magazines, changes in printing technology, and how the political landscape shaped Black-interest photojournalism while emphasizing Sepia’s distinct style and audience in contrast to Ebony and LIFE.
    • Family Friendly History Humanities Intergenerational Photography Popular Culture Printmaking Social Justice Sports
    • MediumPremium
    • 7 Weeks
  • THUMBNAIL 08. RS139_REF_7302_Fnt_DD_001 copy

    The Perfect Shot: Walter Iooss Jr., and the Art of Sports Photography

    Over his long career, photographer Walter Iooss Jr. had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest athletes of the past sixty years, capturing on film carefully crafted moments of triumph and disappointment—universal emotions that athletes and non-athletes alike know so well.
    • History Photography Popular Culture Sports
    • Medium
    • 7 Weeks

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