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Traveling Exhibitions

  • Murmurations: For the Love of Birds

    With an introduction that briefly tells the story of birding, the urgent need to save birds, and the importance of conservation for our society as a whole, this exhibition includes the work of three contemporary visual artists who explore the topic through various media.
    • Ceramics Family Friendly Multimedia Photography Science & Ecology Sculpture Textile Arts/Fiber Arts
    • MediumPremium
    • 7 Weeks
  • The Legend of Kente

    “The Legend of Kente” features over 50 kente weavings, 4 garments, and detailed interpretive materials that explore the histories, meanings, and stories depicted by the extraordinary master weavers of present-day Ghana.
    • Craft Family Friendly History Humanities Intergenerational Popular Culture Textile Arts/Fiber Arts
    • MediumPremium
    • 7 Weeks
  • Art of the Wish

    If you had a wish for the world, what would it be? Two artists traveled the country asking this question to elders from diverse backgrounds and locations. Inspired by more than 250 wishes, Art of the Wish is a poignant and memorable reflection of the beauty in generational storytelling.
    • Craft Fine Art Humanities Multimedia
    • MediumPremium
    • 7 Weeks
  • Rooted Visions

    Featuring the work of twenty-five artists working between 1960 and 2016, Rooted Visions also includes work by notable artists such as Leroy Almon, David Butler, Alyne Harris, Charlie Lucas, Mary T. Smith, and Luster Willis. These artists draw on their imaginative powers, allowing them to create a world that summons the divine and activates truths that are instructive.
    • Craft Multimedia Painting
    • Medium
    • 7 Weeks
  • ThriftSQ2

    Thrift Style

    Thrift Style explores the reuse of feed sacks to make clothing and other household objects and illuminates how the “upcycling” of these bags mutually benefitted twentieth-century consumers and businesses. With forty-one works from patterns to garments, it serves as an example of past ingenuity that can inform today’s efforts towards sustainability.
    • Design History Humanities Intergenerational Popular Culture Textile Arts/Fiber Arts
    • Low
    • 5 Weeks

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