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  • Thumbnail_Alice in Wonderland, Drink Me

    Finding Alice: Artists Exploring Wonderland featuring Abelardo Morell

    This exhibition is a wondrous collection of artists’ visual interpretations of Alice’s adventures that will be of intergenerational interest to art lovers as well as those intrigued with the wit and imagination of the stories.
    • Family Friendly Fine Art Illustration Intergenerational Literature Photography Popular Culture
    • Medium
    • 7 Weeks
  • THUMBNAIL 65 copy

    Popol Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Quiché through Illustration

    Around 1,000 A.D. in the present-day country of Guatemala, a highland Mayan people called the Quiché created in pictographic form a creation myth of the Universe in which a pair of Hero Twins must descend into the Underworld to save the next and final generation of humanity. Artist Jaime Arredondo has painstakingly brought it back to life by creating 65 illustrations of the story following it chronologically.
    • Bilingual/Spanish Fine Art History Illustration Native and Indigenous Art/Culture
    • LowMedium
    • 7 Weeks
  • THUMBNAIL 6WTU resized WEB copy

    War Toys: Ukraine

    Since 2011, internationally recognized photographer Brian McCarty has been collaborating with children who have been affected by conflict on a unique project titled War Toys, which is now active in and near Ukraine. The project invokes principles and practices of expressive art therapy to safely gather and articulate children’s accounts of warfare.
    • Bilingual/Spanish Humanities Illustration Photography
    • Premium
    • 7 Weeks
  • 23. Joel Studio 2 Thumbnail

    Killing the Negative: Poetic Interventions

    Intentionally damaged negatives from a Works Progress Administration (WPA) commission led artist Joel Daniel Phillips and poet Quraysh Ali Lansana into a multi-media project that explores complex intersections of representation, truth, and power. Adapted from a forthcoming exhibit at Philbrook Museum of Art, the artist and a group of noted American poets explore crucial concepts that are at the center of our contemporary society.
    • Fine Art History Humanities Illustration Photography
    • Premium
    • 7 Weeks
  • Hemingway_Ralston_Paris sketches SQ

    Hemingway in Comics

    This ExhibitsUSA exhibition will explore legendary American author Ernest Hemingway as a person, an artist, and a pop culture icon through the lens of comics.
    • Bilingual/Spanish History Humanities Illustration Popular Culture
    • Medium
    • 7 Weeks
  • caldecottsq

    Young at Art: A Selection of Caldecott Book Illustrations

    The exhibition Young at Art: A Selection of Caldecott Book Illustrations includes original illustrations from Caldecott Medal recipients and from “runner-up” Honor books, as well as other illustrations by award-winning artists.
    • Family Friendly Fine Art Illustration
    • Low
    • 5 Weeks

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