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  • Art of the Wish

  • Courting16SQ

    Courting Style: Women's Tennis Fashion

  • Rebuild_12. Hines_Untitled #11_WEB

    How We Rebuild

  • Politics of the Kitchen

  • Popol Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Quiche through Illustration

  • Resilienceweb9

    Resilience—A Sansei Sense of Legacy

  • 4thGradeLuciaSQ

    The Fourth Grade Project

  • WorkingSQ

    Working America

About EUSA

ExhibitsUSA (EUSA) is a traveling exhibition program managed by Mid-America Arts Alliance, a nonprofit regional arts organization based in the heartland. Our mission is to strengthen and support artists, cultural organizations, and communities throughout the region and beyond.

  • Exhibition Proposals

    Mid-America Arts Alliance is accepting proposals for art exhibitions of existing work to tour nationally through ExhibitsUSA. We are particularly interested in small to mid-sized exhibitions (approximately 2,000 square feet or 250 linear feet and under) with low security and environmental requirements that can travel via common carrier or van line. Read more here.

  • Variety of Opportunities

    ExhibitsUSA offers more than thirty options, ranging from fine art exhibitions to shows with a focus on history and culture. Be sure to visit eusa.org often and join our email list so that you can stay up to date on what’s touring currently and what’s new in marketing.

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