New Exhibitions

Bob Willoughby (American, 1927 - 2009), Director Blake Edwards, Peter Falk, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood during the filming of ‘The Great Race’, Warner Bros., 1964, 1964; ink on paper, 12 x 18 inches; Courtesy of Elliott Gallery. © The Bob Willoughby Photo Archive.

Whether your mission is to tell the story of your community, preserve a specific history, or is to share art and culture, there are new exhibitions in our roster to meet your needs.

Our newest offerings are listed below:

Killing the Negative: Poetic Interventions

Backstage Hollywood: The Photographs of Bob Willoughby 

Called to Create

Hemingway in Comics

How We Rebuild

Portraits of Dementia

Shutter and Sound: The Jazz Photography of Bob Willoughby

The 60s through the eyes of a revolutionary, by John “Hoppy” Hopkins