New Exhibitions!

Murmurations_Monastra_Northern Saw Whet Owl

Whether your mission is to tell the story of your community, preserve a specific history, or is to share art and culture, there are new exhibitions in our roster to meet your needs.

Our newest offerings are listed below:

Finding Alice: Artists Exploring Wonderland featuring Abelardo Morell

This exhibition features works from two photographic series by the acclaimed artist Abelardo Morell, as well as several versions of the book to examine how different artists have illustrated the classic story. Artists include Andrea D’Aquino (American b. 1979), Salvador Dalí (Spanish 1904–1989), Camille Rose Garcia (American b. 1970), Yayoi Kusama (Japanese b. 1929), Oleg Lipchenko (Ukrainian/Canadian b. 1957), Peter Newell (American 1862–1924), and Evgeny Alexandrovich Shukaev (Russian 1932–1988) among others.

The Legend of Kente

Recognized by its bright colors and bold, woven patterns, kente cloth is an unmistakable showcase of Ghana’s master weavers. Inspired by a spider’s web in the village of Bonwire as early as 1000 BCE, kente has become a global symbol of pride for people across the African diaspora.

Murmurations: For the Love of Birds

With an introduction that briefly tells the story of birding, the urgent need to save birds, and the importance of conservation for our society as a whole, Murmurations: For the Love of Birds includes the work of three contemporary visual artists who explore the topic through various media.

People Who Make the World Go ‘Round: The Legacy of Sepia Magazine

Charting the legacy of Sepia magazine, the exhibition highlights the role of photo-based magazines, changes in printing technology, and how the political landscape shaped Black-interest photojournalism while emphasizing Sepia’s distinct style and audience in contrast to Ebony and LIFE.

Header Image: Carolyn Monastra, “Northern Saw-whet Owl” at dusk from the series The Divergence of Birds, 2018; photograph; Courtesy of the artist.