New Exhibitions

Brian McCarty, Checkpoint Ahead, July 2022, Zdvyzhivka, Ukraine; ink on aluminum, 18 x 27 inches; Courtesy of War Toys®.

Whether your mission is to tell the story of your community, preserve a specific history, or is to share art and culture, there are new exhibitions in our roster to meet your needs.

Our newest offerings are listed below:

Hemingway in Comics

This exhibition will explore legendary American author Ernest Hemingway as a person, an artist, and a pop culture icon through the lens of comics.

How We Rebuild

This penetrating and transformative photography exhibition draws from twelve years of work created by grant winners and finalists from The Aftermath Project, a non-profit organization committed to telling the other half of war stories, after the conflicts have ended—what it takes for individuals to rebuild destroyed lives and homes, to restore civil societies, and to recover the heartbeat of humanity.

Killing the Negative: Poetic Interventions

Intentionally damaged negatives from a WPA commission led artist Joel Daniel Phillips and poet Quraysh Ali Lansana into a multi-media project that explores complex intersections of representation, truth, and power. Adapted from a forthcoming exhibit at Philbrook Museum of Art, the artist and a group of noted American poets explore crucial concepts that are at the center of our contemporary society.

Politics of the Kitchen

This exhibition brings together artists working with a variety of photographic media who stir up new considerations that define the kitchen as something more than a place where food is cooked: the kitchen is an ideological space. Like a lively dinner conversation, this exhibition is centered around food, but expands into larger themes of labor, economics, family, nature, society, and culture.

The Perfect Shot: Walter Iooss Jr. and the Art of Sports Photography

Over his long career, photographer Walter Iooss Jr. had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest athletes of the past sixty years, capturing on film carefully crafted moments of triumph and disappointment—universal emotions that athletes and non-athletes alike know so well.

The State of Water: Our Most Valuable Resource

Only 0.007 percent of the planet’s water is available to fuel and feed its eight billion people. Brad Temkin’s photography puts visitors face-to-face with the systems and techniques that deliver our most valuable natural resource. In doing so, the exhibition encourages us to see water conservation as a process we can all get involved in.

Tuned to the Spirit: Photographs from the Sacred Steel Community

Tuned to the Spirit offers an elegant, sensitive, and deeply respectful portrait of music-making and worship in African American faith communities that are set apart by their embrace of the electric steel guitar as a primary instrument of praise.

War Toys: Ukraine

Since 2011, internationally recognized photographer Brian McCarty has been collaborating with children who have been affected by conflict on a unique project titled War Toys, which is now active in and near Ukraine. The project invokes principles and practices of expressive art therapy to safely gather and articulate children’s accounts of warfare.