New Exhibition! – Murmurations: For the Love of Birds

Carolyn Monastra, “White-throated Sparrow” in blossoming redbud tree from the series The Divergence of Birds, 2015; photograph; Courtesy of the artist.

ExhibitsUSA is pleased to announce its newest offering, Murmurations: For the Love of Birds!

With an introduction that briefly tells the story of birding, the urgent need to save birds, and the importance of conservation for our society as a whole, Murmurations: For the Love of Birds includes the work of three contemporary visual artists who explore the topic through various media.

Because they are studied so widely, birds are excellent ecological barometers that enable us to “take the pulse of the planet.”  As such, this exhibition lends itself to a variety of audience engagement opportunities like facilitated discussions about climate activism, guided bird walks, and citizen science and art projects. Additionally, all three artists have extensive experience blending their expertise in art making, education, and birding and are available for panel discussions, workshops, and artist talks.

To read more and view the exhibition’s booking information, click HERE!