Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art

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What would you create from a blank canvas? What if that blank canvas was once a piece of trash? Beginning in 2008, Ken Marquis, artist and founder of Pennsylvania-based nonprofit Landfillart, Inc., solicited more than 1,000 artists from around the world to create and donate works of art made from discarded automobile hubcaps. The collection now numbers more than 900 transformed hubcaps, created by professional artists hailing from every U.S. state and 52 countries.

Originating from the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, and adapted for travel by ExhibitsUSA, Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art features thirty-five works from Landfillart’s collection—some wall-based and some pedestal-based. The exhibition encourages viewers to think of artists not only as creators, but as creative problem solvers. Objects range in size from one hubcap to a series of objects; some are kinetic and incorporate sound; while others directly reference specific environmental issues. In some cases, the artist responded to the hubcap formally, by focusing on design elements like color, line, shape, and texture in humorous or fanciful ways.

Visitors will experience such works as David Medley’s Hidden Treasures, which is accompanied by a small video monitor showing its sound and motion; or Red Baron by Danish artist Rick Dethlefsen, which re-imagines the Mercedes-Benz symbol as the propeller of a biplane flying directly at the viewer. Other works will showcase great artfulness, including Ireland-born Noel Molloy’s King, Queen and Fool, a three-part, highly polished sculptural work that resembles finely crafted jewelry; or South Africa-based Viv King’s Ndebele Inspiration, a carefully beaded and geometrically patterned design. Questions about the environmental impact of automobiles are raised by Witness, a work by Marla McLean of Maryland, which uses a reflective surface to remind viewers of our involvement with the ecosystem.

Second Time Around inspires viewers to reflect on the role of consumption in American culture and stimulates creative thinking about ways to re-use and recycle. Intriguing to viewers of all ages, the varying objects in the show will foster opportunities for intergenerational connections. In addition, the exhibition offers host venues many ways to engage local audiences through imaginative programming—from partnering with a regional organization that manages waste ecologically to hosting a lecture by an automobile expert to planning a recycling and green energy fair.

Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art is curated by Dana Hand Evans, executive director at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester, VA; in partnership with a curatorial team from Marywood University, Scranton, PA, and a professor of environmental studies at Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA.

From an evaluation from the Cultural Activities Center (Temple, TX) about Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art:
Mid-America Arts Alliance (M-AAA) “makes it easy to understand the logistics for shipping, installing and promoting rental exhibits. The grants provided make it very cost-effective to rent quality exhibits that are interesting and draw an audience to our facility. Thanks for making it easy!”

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Tour Schedule

Second Time Around is touring November 2015 through October 2018. The dates below reflect seven-week exhibition periods. Dates are subject to change; please contact or (800) 473-3872 x208/209 for current availability. This exhibition is currently fully booked. Request to be added to a wait list.

  • August 7–September 4, 2015 The Culture Lab at Mid-America Arts Alliance
    Kansas City, MO
  • January 28–March 16, 2016 Temecula Valley Museum
    Temecula, CA
  • April 6–May 25, 2016 John E. Conner Museum
    Kingsville, TX
  • June 16–August 11, 2016 Kansas City Public Library
    Kansas City, MO
  • September 1–October 20, 2016 Tifton Museum of Arts & Heritage
    Tifton, GA
  • November 10–December 16, 2016 Marywood University
    Scranton, PA
  • January 26–March 16, 2017 J. Wayne Start University Center Galleries, Texas A&M University
    College Station, TX
  • April 6–May 25, 2017 California Center for the Arts
    Escondido, CA
  • June 16–August 11, 2017 Cultural Activities Center
    Temple, TX
  • September 1–October 20, 2017 Oxford Performing Arts Center
    Oxford, AL
  • January 28–March 16, 2018 Charles H MacNider Art Museum
    Mason City, IA
  • April 6–May 25, 2018 Waupaca Area Public Library
    Waupaca, WI
  • June 16–August 11, 2018 Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives
    Excelsior Springs, MO
  • September 1–October 20, 2018 Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs
    Bonita Springs, FL

Exhibition Details

35 re-purposed automobile hubcaps: 26 wall-based, 9 pedestal-based
5 text panels: 1 for each grouping above, plus 1 introductory panel.
1 grommet banner
Identifying or narrative labels for every image

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    Press Kit
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    Text Panels
    Narrative Labels
    Full Insurance
    Installation Instructions
    Custom-Designed and Built Crates

  • Curated By

    Dana Hand Evans, Executive Director, Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester, VA

  • Organized By

    Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester, VA

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  • Duration

    7-week display

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    Moderate B

  • Number of Crates/Total Weight

    5 crates/1,350 pounds

  • Insurance

    The exhibition is fully insured by ExhibitsUSA at no additional expense to you, both while installed and during transit.