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Brian McCarty, Rainbow, August 2022, Chernihiv, Ukraine; ink on aluminum, 27 x 18 inches; Courtesy of War Toys®.

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The following exhibitions have openings July-December 2023*.

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*Please note that this list is only indicative of openings in 2023 and does not reflect an exhibition’s complete list of tour dates.

A Colorful Dream

Designed to evoke and capture a sense of childhood fantasy, A Colorful Dream tells a simple coming-of-age story in rich symbolic language that takes the viewer on a journey through the entire spectrum of the rainbow.

Open Booking: Nov 10, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024

American Farmer

This selection of forty-five iconic portraits shows the geographic and cultural diversity of the American Farmer with a strong sense of where they belong in the universe, their close connection to the land and their day-to-day work as it affects the rest of the world.

Open Booking: Nov 10, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024

Courting Style: Women’s Tennis Fashion

With an emphasis on outfits worn by the great iconic players, such as Evonne Goolagong, Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert, Billie Jean King, Tracy Austin, Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, the exhibition explores developments in tennis fashion design as well as fabrications, trends, major championships, identity, and the players themselves.

Open Booking: Nov 10, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024

Hemingway in Comics

Ernest Hemingway casts a long shadow in literature, reaching beyond his status as a giant of twentieth-century fiction and a Nobel Prize winner—extending even into comic books. Appearing with various icons such as Superman, Mickey Mouse, and Wolverine, Hemingway transcends his reality as a novelist as his persona develops into a pop culture icon.

Open Booking: Nov 10, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024

How We Rebuild

This penetrating and transformative photography exhibition draws from twelve years of work created by grant winners and finalists from The Aftermath Project, a non-profit organization committed to telling the other half of war stories, after the conflicts have ended—what it takes for individuals to rebuild destroyed lives and homes, to restore civil societies, and to recover the heartbeat of humanity.

Open Bookings: June 16 – Aug 11, 2023 and Nov 10, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024

Shutter and Sound: The Jazz Photography of Bob Willoughby

Bob Willoughby is perhaps best known for his candid photographs of famous Hollywood actors; but before taking photos on film sets, he captured many images of jazz musicians. He photographed jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, and Frank Sinatra, to name just a few. These images reflect the dynamic jazz scene of the 1950s, a time—in the words of Dave Brubeck—“of youth, exuberance, hope, and change.”

Open Bookings: Sept 1 – Oct 20, 2023 and Nov 10, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024

Sign of the Times: The Great American Political Poster, 1844–2012

World War II saw a huge outpouring of posters offered by the Roosevelt administration and included several key Democratic Party campaign posters designed by famous artists like Ben Shahn and James Montgomery Flagg. Technological innovation in the lithographic process in the 1880s ushered in the golden age of lithography, roughly 1890–1912 which produced some of the most intricate and colorful posters in the exhibition.

Open Bookings: July 5 – Aug 16, 2023, Sept 1 – Oct 5, 2023,  and Oct 21 – Nov 30, 2023